As outlined earlier, the firmness of the mattress you should pick is largely dependent on your sleeping position. In short, soft memory foam mattresses are most suitable for side sleepers. This is because the mattress needs to conform to the relatively broad shoulders and hips. If not, the spinal cord will get pushed up at these two points causing it to ‘mal-align’. This can lead to neck and back pains, the morning after. The whole idea of buying a brand new memory foam mattress is to have an uninterrupted, pain-free, night of sleep. Proper alignment of the spinal cord is absolutely essential to achieve this feat.

This is why you should pay special attention to your sleeping position when you go mattress shopping. It is well established that people usually don’t adopt a single sleeping posture during sleep. The majority of people generally toss and turn and switch between at least two different sleeping positions during any given night. This is why it’s important to identify your ‘predominant’ sleeping posture.

More on this will follow….