Different Bed and Mattress Sizes

Is California King, King, Queen, Full, Twin XL or Twin size, the right size for you?
Twin size bed

Twin Size

Best for a child, a small-made person or a small bedroom
Twin XL size

Twin XL

You’re tall, you need that extra-space and your room can accommodate the bigger size
Full size mattress


You’re a big-made single person OR you’re a small-made couple with a smaller bedroom.
Queen sized mattress


Gives you that much needed, extra space so that you’re not in your partner’s face all the time!
king size mattress


You’re a couple that wants to sleep like a king. You value that extra width so that you have the freedom to sleep on your side, on the back, on your stomach, in the spoon or any other position you wish to adopt!
California King size mattress

California King

You need to sleep like a king; but one or both of you are extra tall and you want that extra height on your bed more than the extra width.



What mattress size should I get?

This usually depends on how many people will sleep on the bed and their body size. Most single sleepers will find the twin size adequate; but if you’re extra tall, you may want to go with a Twin XL mattress. If you have the extra space in your bedroom and would like to spread your tentacles in all directions, you can also opt for the luxury of a full-size mattress.


What size bed fits in a 10x10 room?

A queen-size bed is approximately 5 feet wide and 7 feet long. In a 10 x 10 bedroom, that gives you approximately 2 1/2 feet either side of the bed and 3 feet at the foot of the bed to walk around. You will agree that that is not a lot. This is why we are hesitant to recommend anything bigger than a full size of Queen size bed for a 10 x 10′ bedroom.


What's the best mattress?

Unfortunately, we can’t explain that in this little space. Please check out our section dedicated to the best mattress elsewhere.


What size bed is best for couples?

This would depend on several factors like your budget, the size of your bedroom, your body size and how much personal space you want to have around you when you’re asleep. If smaller is better, you can go for a full size of Queen -sized mattress. If bigger is better, you can pick up king-sized (also known as Easton King size) or California king size bed.



Can a king size bed fit in a 10x12 room?

A standard King size bed with a wooden frame can be about 7 feet wide and 7 1/2 feet long. If you place the 7 foot side of the bed along the 12 foot side of the room, you will have approximately 2 1/2 feet either side of the bed. That way, you will have 2 1/2 feet of walking space at the bottom of the bed. This is probably just enough for the nightstands, but not enough for a chest of drawers. If you have separate closet space, yes you can place a king size bed inside a 10 x 12 room; however if you want to have other furniture inside your bedroom, a king-size bed will really cramp up the space. If you want a king-size bed, from furniture and your bedroom to look nice, we recommend you go for a room size of at least 12′ x 14′.