The sleeping position comes in hand with the pillow. Pillows provide enough comfort for a body during rest. Almost every species uses a pillow including humans.  Your spine, neck, and head are provided support by the pillow during sleep.  In an ideal world, the pillow will keep the human spine in its neutral position. One key factor that deprives our sleep is the pillow that does not fill the needs of the human. If your night is frequently disturbed, sure the pillow is one cause of the problem. Probably the pillow is the item that is most important for sleeping.  Pillows are covered in fabric and filled with either foam or other materials like feathers.

History lesson on pillows


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According to history, pillows have been made from a variety of cultural materials. It is believed that the use of pillows began with animals where some of them like reptiles rested their heads on their hands while sleeping. With domestication, some animals are adopting pillows meant for humans. The history of pillows is seen in the old days of Mesopotamia, 7,000 BC where wealthy civilians are the only ones who used pillows. Ideally, the creation of soft pillows was mastered by Greeks and Romans.

Why use a pillow?

  • Support.
  • Comfort.


For individuals with the spinal disorder, the best support is important while sleeping. This role is filled by the pillow while asleep. The human spine is curved naturally hence making it necessary to have quality support. This comes in hand by coming up with a good position during bedtime by use of a pillow. In case the upper back and neck are in pain, the best idea to reduce the restraint is an experiment with a pillow. Drawbacks on your sleep may occur without enough support which can result to back and neck stiffness. Also, lack of sleep will, of course, cause an increase in pain. A heavy sleep contributes to a well-relaxed neck and muscles of the shoulder. If you use a pillow for a long time without appropriate height, the spine can experience excessive flexion.


This factor is subjective. Comfort for a particular person may be different from that of another individual. This can be caused by factors like the size of body, sleeping position and health condition. Depending on your comfort, you thus choose the pillow that meets your need. Also, support is related to comfort. Lack of good support will definitely make you uncomfortable while sleeping. Discomfort will make you stay awake or keep you waking up during a deep sleep. Besides comfort, the pillow helps in keeping away insects and bugs form a human’s hair while sleeping.

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While sleeping, it is advised to use a pillow wisely. A strategy needs to be followed if you have a sleeping position. Sleeping position can be of different types depending on your health, height, shape and body size. Proper positioning of the pillow is very important for your sleep.

Different pillows for different sleeping positions

  1. Stomach sleepers
  2. Back sleepers

Stomach sleeper


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Stomach sleeping position is a problem for many people. It is a prone position. The position has a stress effect on back neck muscles since when sleeping it requires the individual to rotate the head on either one side or the other unless you have a way to breathe through your pillow. You definitely smash in the pillow with this sleeping strategy. Snoring can be reduced by stomach sleep.

Back sleeper

Placing two pillows on both sides of your body with your body facing upwards will keep you in a deep sleep. The position will also avoid turning during your sleep. The position can be applied after having a surgery.  A memory foam mattress and a foam pillow will ease the pain after a surgery. Lying on the foam mattress without the support of a pillow, it is definite that the sleep will be uncomfortable. A pillow under your arm could do well. The back sleep also aids the foam mattress in doing its task of support. Back sleepers should consider pillows with thinner loft.

Best Pillow for Back Sleepers

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A pillow is a necessary factor to make sure good sleep timing is achieved. The correct regular sleep rhythm can exhibit depending on the outside environment of the body which is a pillow.  They are now becoming a norm in every part of the world. Chances of you not having a deep sleep when you have a pillow are when you curl up the bed without assuming the best position. Even if you have the best pillow, you should understand that the correct sleeping position is the reason we have a nice and deep sleep. Two pillows can be used. One on the head and another one under the knees. The pillow under the knees will help in aligning the whole body and reduce pain in the area of the knee.


Importance of the Pillow for sleep – Conclusion

Pillows and mattresses are one of the most essential factors that a body need during sleep. Memory foam mattresses and pillows are being embraced in the current decade. It is becoming almost a necessity for everyone. Using the wrong pillow can potentially cause neck and spinal problems. This is why using the right pillow is as important if not more important than picking the right mattress.