When you are uncomfortable, your mind is not settled or sometimes you find your creativity has drastically gone down. It won’t shock you to hear that sleepiness can affect your work performance. When you are tired your mind cannot internalize information and process information, as we already know in our modern society there are many activities which are carried out throughout the day and night. These activities tend to consume a lot of time, hence the majority will have less sleep, this will negatively affect their health.

We have already been informed of various researches, many people around the world do not get enough sleep, a majority of those who have been employed appear to work with little sleep. Even if you had the best memory foam mattress to sleep on, insufficient sleep will make you feel tired during the day, others will have daytime sleep at the workstation, and hence work performance would drastically go down. Majority of workers who seems to be affected more are the ones who have irregular responsibilities and extension of working hours.

Short-term impacts of lack of enough sleep

  • One may not be able to be active in certain activities which require maximum attention such as driving, machine operation, watching a favorite movie etc.
  • It reduces daytime activeness hence causing daydreaming thus reduced performance.
  • Due to a lack of concentration, some of the workers experience occupational accidents.
  • Loss of memory and cognitive disability.
  • Others tend to forget things, memory is divided into two dissections the visual memory and verbal memory, this contains things that you can read and hear them. When these parts are affected by sleep majority of people tend to forget things.
  • Discomfort and loss of motivation, when you are in need of sleep which you are not getting it one can feel so irritated and annoyed, this will lead to reduced job performance.
  • It is proved that lack of sleep causes Diabetes, stroke and heart diseases, it is very important for one to have enough sleep so that we can avoid this kind of diseases. When a person finds himself /herself with such kind of diseases it tends to affect their psychology and work performance will

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Ways to get the best sleep for the best work performance

There are various ways in which one can get the best sleep for better performance at work.  You should invest more in sleep infrastructure, such as modern memory foam mattresses, the mattresses offer more than comfort to your sleep; you should choose a nice mattress which will enhance your sleep. A nice pillow will also enhance the comfort of your head and neck, you must choose a nice pillow which best suit the best position to lay your head on during sleep. There are regions with hot temperatures during the night others have a cold temperature, it is very     significant for you to choose light blankets in hot environment similarly I prefer heavier blankets in a cold environment.

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The second way, one should create a habit of meditating a few minutes before you sleep.  Meditation will help you treat insomnia and improve the quality of sleep. When meditating, try to think of positive things in your life. Even though you might be having a very bad day, it is advisable to meditate on positive things in your life such as love, peace, and harmony. This will not only control stress but will offer you the best sleep.

Thirdly, when you get the correct amount rest at night, it will increase your performance, it is advisable to sleep between seven to eight hours, this will ensure your brain will be fresh and you will be able to make an informed decision, your creativity will be enhanced and one is able to concentrate throughout the day.

Fourthly, it is very important to schedule your sleeping hours, in our modern society there are many activities, it is very important for one to schedule for your sleeping hours. There are those who work during the day and others work during the night, scheduling your time will not only improve your sleep but it will also improve how you organize your responsibilities at work.  Scheduling will ensure you allocate optimum hours for sleep and also for other responsibilities.

Finally, a majority of workers have been addicted to their phones, tablets and other electronic devices. They, therefore, consume a lot of time using them. It is, therefore, important to switch off all the electronic devices or put on the Airplane mode or keep them away from the sight of sleep.  Using these devices will cause delays when you want to sleep, hence you will have limited hours to sleep before work.


Inadequate sleep will lead to poor performance. A majority will tend to forget things, body discomfort. If you are reading this, it is therefore important to have enough sleep so that you can improve performance in your job.  Also, consider the memory foam mattress. It is very important to keep the social organization in order, this will ensure you have a good rapport with your fellow colleagues and will improve the quality of life. Quality sleep will not only improve the physical health but will improve both mental health and prevent long-term illness such as diabetes and heart diseases.